Top Cash Back Credit Cards 2020

Updated in January 28,2020 the author of this post is Don, an avid credit card and financial industry contributor.

First, follow these tips for finding the best card options in 2020

A credit card can be useful for many different things, it’s a good way to build credit, earn rewards on purchases and even a good way to avoid interest by utilizing balance transfers. When looking for a credit card it can sometimes be difficult and you can find yourself lost in a sea of options. 

Below were going to have a look at some of the different types of credits cards that you can get from some of the leading companies such as Amex, Barclay, Chase, Citi, Capital One and more: 

So, What Type Of Card Is Right For You? 

There are numerous different cards to chose from. You can generally split your card choices between the features and rewards that they offer. You should be thinking about narrowing down your list by selecting the features and rewards that are important to you. Have a look below at some of the types of cards that are available: 

Balance Transfer/ 0% APR

Offering either 0% APR or a balance transfer for up to 21months, these cards allow you to transfer without having to pay high-interest rates. These cards are great for people who have a remaining balance on existing cards that they are paying high amounts of interest on. If you transfer your balance you won’t be paying more than the price of your original purchase. Bear in mind that you still have a time limit in order to benefit from the 0%, you should aim to have your balance paid off within the time set by each card. 

Cash-Back Cards

These are probably the most common types of cards available. Rewards credit cards give cardholder cashback on their purchases, based on a certain percentage. It can range from 1% right through to 10%, usually, it depends on the category of purchase. One of the best perks of cashback cards is that you can choose to use your reward as a rewards credit which in turn helps to reduce your balance. 

Travel Credit Cards

These are the cards that you hear about that collect rewards in miles for everything you spend. They can then be redeemed for travel expenses such as flights, hotels, rental cars and much more. They will also have features such as no transaction fees for using your card abroad, so they’re perfect for people who travel regularly. The best offers are usually for people with an excellent credit rating so if you’re planning on using one of these it’s best to make sure you look after your credit rating first. 

How To Compare

When comparing credit cards, you need to think about your circumstances, what your credit rating is and what you’re going to be using it for. Then you need to look at all the features and rewards that each card offers. There are a lot of tools online that will do this for you. 

When considering the use of a credit card you need to think in-depth about if it’s the right choice for you. Can you afford the regular payments? Can you manage another debt? Will you benefit from the rewards etc? Always ensure you are living within your means and not adding to your financial burden. 

Searching for cash back credit cards, we review hundreds of promotions every year to help consumers find the top offers on cash back credit cards. Many top card issuers and banks are upping their offers for 2019 and consumers can take advantage of deals like a 5 percent cash back bonus for select categories, double cash back on all purchases and a cash back match. The key to finding the right cash back credit card is defining your personal goals, understanding what your credit qualifies you for and predicting your future shopping patterns. With all of this data, we can help you navigate the credit card markets to find the best promotions for cash back and rewards cards in 2019!

best cash back cards

Best Cash Back Promotions From Top Card Issuers

Choosing the Right Cashback Credit Card

Earn While You Spend

What credit card doesn’t have a cashback deal or rewards program? Advertisements are awash in promises of earning cash. What really pays is researching which card would be best for your finances.

The Balance

And we don’t just mean at the bottom of your statement. Cashback deals can sound amazing until you compare them to the interest rates on the card. You need to look at more than just the rewards systems; consider all of the pros and cons, from annual fees to types of reward programs. Let’s break it down:

Annual Fees

Not many cashback cards enforce annual fees these days, but enough do that you need to calculate if your projected rewards will offset the cost. You don’t want a net loss when it comes to your credit.

Bonuses With Strings Attached

While sign-up incentives can be tempting, make sure you research the card itself and how your contract will play out after said bonus. Is there an asterisk (*) by the offer? Find the strings it’s attached to.

Interest Rates and APR Promotions

Most cards will charge interest through the annual percentage rate, or APR. Some cards will offer a 0% APR introductory rate— as long as you are confident in keeping your purchases to the minimum, you won’t accrue interest for the promotional period. This sounds like an easy win, but make sure you know what the APR will be after than promotional period. It may cost you more in the long run.

Payout Timelines and Styles

Some cards require a certain amount of earnings before redemption; others let you redeem as little as a penny. Which works better for you? A system that forces you to save, or knowing you can access your funds whenever you need them?

Different cards have different redemption styles. Some apply the cash to your statement, others offer gift cards or direct deposits, and still more offer the choice. Which payout option would you prefer?

Reward Rates

Cashback rewards come in three styles: flat-rate, tiered, and bonus category. With flat-rates, you earn the same amount no matter what you purchase— typically around 2%. Tiered rewards certain spending categories more than others, such as 5% back for gas and 3% for groceries, but only 1% back for entertainment. Bonus category chooses one type of spending to reward more than all the others. Tiers tend to limit how many rewards you can earn, while Bonus often require manual activation of the bonuses.

Cash Back Credit Cards – AMEX, Bank of America, Chase for 2020

Review Top Perks, Points and Promotional Sign Up Credit Cards for 2020

Your main focus in all of this should be your personal finances. What cards work for your habits? Which APRs fit in your budget? Do the tiered programs meet your spending habits, or is the stable flat-rate a better choice? Do the bonus categories touch on categories or providers you use often? Keep in mind your budget and what you can spend and pay to keep your statement down.

Be aware of your credit score. If you start applying for cards and are declined, your credit takes the hit. Checking your own score does not carry that consequence. Research what cards require what numbers before you start applying.

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Finally, take your time. Companies always pressure decisions, warning of expiring deals, but another offer will come— wait until you are confident in the card attached.

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